We are constantly looking for motivated candidates to enhance our further expansion and improve our clients’ performance. You may join one of our teams “in the field” or start your career with the research, project preparation and monitoring team based in Berlin.

Project Teams  

  • Work is performed in teams of 3 to 20 consultants with different areas of expertise under the direction of a Project Manager and with the preparation, backstopping, evaluation, and monitoring being the responsibility of our Project Officers based in Berlin.
  • In the majority of the projects we team up with members of our clients’ organisation to achieve a maximum value for the client.
  • Certain assignments require to live and work abroad for 1-2 years. This is only the case with the full consent of the consultant. The opening of new offices offers opportunities for mobile consultants willing to relocate.

Consultants Selection Criteria

  • Candidates for Consultant positions are recruited throughout the year after an above-average degree from major Universities, Business schools plus at least 5 years of work experience.
  • We are constantly looking for candidates as Senior Consultant or Senior Expert having at least 10 years of experience. We also offer opportunities and encourage applications from retired or semi-retired Senior Management and Staff. In many cases the actual residence may be kept.
  • We expect new consultants and experts to serve as full team members from the beginning. We search for self-motivated people who dedicate themselves to the success of our clients and will be able to persuade them that our recommendations merit not just consideration but action.
  • As a young and growing firm we are looking for ambitious consultants who possess the following qualities:
    • Sharp and mentally quick
    • Working knowledge in at least one specific industry, or in public administration and institutions
    • Outstanding analytical and conceptual skills
    • Business experience and interpersonal skills
    • Creativity: ability to produce imaginative solutions
    • High energy level
    • Excellent command of English and possibly another language such as French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish. German is an advantage.
    • Excellent writing skills in English, and / or French, Spanish
    • Interested in learning and improving foreign language skills
    • Entrepreneurial drive
    • Interested in working and living for some time abroad for positions “in the field”

Levels of Responsibility - Consulting

  • Consultant
  • Senior Consultant / Senior Expert
  • Team Leader
  • Principal
  • Partner