Transport & Infrastructure

The transport sector is an independent sub-sector within the services sector and is becoming increasingly complex with respect to its core functions and the additional and complementary services it offers along the supply chain.

Not only does the transport industry have to manage its key functions such as ensuring the physical transport of freight (business to business & business to consumers) and passengers, enabling and contributing to the regional development through improved infrastructure and services, but it also has to ensure technical innovations in transport infrastructures, equipments and handling techniques, as well as the mobility of people.

To a large extent, the transport sector is the most important catalyst of sound and sustainable economic development of a nation. In a famous quote, former U.S. President J.F. Kennedy said in 1960:

“Not our wealth created our transport infrastructure;
It is our transport infrastructure, which created our wealth.

The challenge of modern transport policy is to create an environment conducive to the development of efficient public and private actors, by enhancing their ability to provide reliable, value-added and cost-effective services to the community. Our services thus address the concerns of private as well as public interests.

  • At the firm level we offer restructuring and upgrading advice to providers of transport services.
  • At the institutional level we offer transport policy advice, including economic studies, regulatory reform and privatisation.

For all modes of transport and their respective sub-sectors, Pohl Consulting & Associates is offering the following services:

  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility, economic studies on projects, markets and business opportunities
  • Restructuring and business up-grading of transport companies including management tools, finances, sales, production of services, value-adding services, marketing & research, quality assurance, human resources and training
  • Warehousing, stocking and inventory management
  • Intermodal and Multimodal transport concepts
  • Organizational advice on work flows and processes all along the supply-chain
  • Implementation of logistics and supply-chain processes
  • Institutional advice, capacity building and reorganisation of Transport Departments, Customs Authorities, Port Authorities
  • Implementation of concessions for public owned infrastructures
  • Privatisation of transport companies
  • Outsourcing and privatisation of state functions

Project Examples