SME Support & Development Institutions


The importance of a competitive SME sector and the development of internationally competitive SME clusters is widely accepted. Many governments of transition and developing countries have realised that macro-level support alone is not sufficient if the conditions for the development of a strong SME sector are not fulfilled. It is accepted that institutionalised support aimed at assisting SMEs and industrial clusters in developing and adapting to the changing world competition is crucial. This is one of our core competencies and we have successfully developed self-sustainable business support and advice centres in many transition and developing countries.


  • Policy advice in the areas of SME development and industrial policy
  • Creation and institutional strengthening of private sector support institutions, e.g. chambers of commerce, industry associations, business support centres, etc.
  • Development of management consulting clusters and associations
  • Achievement of financial self-sustainability of business centres
  • Development and implementation of training programmes for the creation of micro enterprises
  • Assistance in regional development by creation of adapted infrastructures and improvement of factor conditions
  • Project cycle management, e.g. project formulation, monitoring & evaluation

Project Examples