Public Finance Management

Sound Public Finance Management (PFM) is the cornerstone of democratic governance, the effective use of public resources and poverty reduction. Strong and systematically applied PFM processes are a vital element in the fight against corruption and inefficient use of public funds. It is also a precondition for ensuring the effective use of resources to service delivery such as basic education and health services.

Our technical assistance in the area of PFM seeks to enhance the management of public resources in pursuit of growth, development, and poverty reduction, while aiming to strengthen transparency and accountability. Our services cover both the revenue and expenditure sides. On the revenue side, taxation is essential for sustainable economic and social development. The expenditure side covers analyses, reviews and recommendations for improving public expenditure. Specific tools such as Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS) support the automation and integration of PFM processes including budget formulation, execution, accounting and reporting. We provide PFM services on all levels of government, including local finance, and support administrations in improving intergovernmental relations in the political, administrative and fiscal dimensions.


  • Public finance policy assessment (incl. PEFA), formulation, implementation and evaluation;
  • Internal and external audits;
  • Tax policies and revenues (including direct, indirect, personal and corporate, excises, etc.);
  • Public procurement;
  • Support to budget execution (commitment controls, cash / debt management, treasury operations);
  • Public sector accounting systems (chart of accounts, single / double, cash / accruals, etc.);
  • Result-oriented budgeting;
  • Capital investment planning in the public sector;
  • Audit, financial control and reporting in the public service;
  • Formulation and evaluation of general and sector budget support programmes;
  • Decentralisation and sub-national finance, including fiscal decentralisation.