Privatisation, PPP & Regulatory Advice

Our assistance to government bodies responsible for the design and implementation of privatisation programmes covers the whole privatisation process.


  • Development of privatisation methods such as public subscription of shares, public auction, public tender, direct negotiations, transfer of the state or municipal control in an enterprise to private investors, lease with the option to purchase
  • Assistance to State Property Funds or similar organisations to privatise state-owned property
  • Improvement of technical skills, through on-the-job and workshop-based training of the staff responsible for privatisation
  • Assistance to bankruptcy and liquidation agencies and processes
  • Provision of legal support and training in drafting and finalising privatisation transaction documents (e.g. contract of sales)
  • Support and training in public advertising to market the sale of state enterprises internationally
  • Valuations and company diagnoses with actual and potential competitive position for the company and per Strategic Business Unit in the world competitive game
  • Development of various forms of Private Sector Participation and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), such as BOO, BOT, concessions, etc.

Moreover, successful privatisation requires the development of effective regulatory authorities capable of monitoring the market and enforcing regulation. Our services to privatisation agencies and ministries therefore cover regulatory reform and institutional strengthening of regulatory authorities.


  • Design of regulation and legal advice
  • Regulatory impact assessments
  • Training and other forms of capacity building

Project Examples