Internal Implementation and Business Upgrading

We support the management in its internal translation of its strategic decisions through the development and implementation of short-term and medium-term actions and business upgrading operations. Our clients affirm that we have acquired a special knowledge in the increase of market share, the introduction of management and cost accounting, the increase of average price, the improvement of marketing and sales efficiency, the improvement of business processes in R&D, general and administrative functions, the reduction of development cycles and cost reduction in the procurement of goods.


  • Focus marketing and sales resources on the most promising market segments and train M&S staff in the key values for the client compared to competition, thus increasing efficiency
  • Increase the average price by re-engineering the value of the product for the customer
  • Assist in the design of an effective sales argumentation based on a detailed analysis of customer needs and expectations
  • Introduce quality management
  • Participate in, or manage, product development groups to integrate market and competitive requirements
  • Reduce R&D cycles
  • Introduce or improve management accounting

In a programme called Δ-CASH® we combine the measures described above into a comprehensive programme. We diagnose, design and implement short-, medium- and long-term measures for an increase in cash generated and a decrease in cash used, resulting in a better net cash flow position of the enterprise.

This is particularly important for many companies in Central and Eastern Europe which suffer from insufficient equity capital.

Project Examples