External Implementation of Corporate Strategies

We support the management in the external translation of corporate strategy decisions by screening, assessing and negotiating company acquisitions and divestitures, privatisation transactions and liquidations. This involves the evaluation and quantification of possible synergies and cost-sharing in purchasing, product development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing with the potential partners. Based on our diagnoses, we approach only those potential strategic partners that offer substantial synergies. In many cases we have been able to contribute to a higher valuation.

So far, we have concentrated on the following industries:

  • Chemical and rubber industries, raw materials and mining, energy
  • Food industry / trade / consumer products
  • Packaging
  • Textiles, clothing, shoe and leather and related industries
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Metal producing and metalworking industries
  • Automotive and automotive supply industries
  • Electrical engineering and electronics
  • Construction, cement and building materials
  • Glass and porcelain
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
  • Catering, restaurant, hotels, congresses, leisure and tourism industries
  • Printing, broadcasting, e-commerce
  • Road and air transport
  • Data processing/telecommunications
  • Financial services

Our offices in Boston and Tokyo are particularly active in the following areas:

  • Competitive analyses of Japanese companies in R&D and production (competitive profiles)
  • Enhancement of R&D position by reducing the time to market
  • Market and opportunity analyses in Japan
  • Assessment of the technological and competitive positions and possible R&D strategies in relation to global competitors in Japan (competitive benchmarking). Typical benchmarks are production costs, R&D productivity, product development cycles, marketing and sales
  • Support in the evaluation and building of strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Elaboration and implementation of business plans for Japan and South-East Asia

Project Examples