Corporate Strategy Decision Support and Restructuring

We support management and shareholders in enhancing the quality of decisions concerning long-term resource allocations by reducing uncertainties and risks: 

  • in global strategies and at the business unit level;
  • for entry strategies in new business units, markets and for new products;
  • in marketing and sales;
  • in product and process development;
  • in production equipment.

It is our objective to position each enterprise at least at a sustainable level of its Return on Capital Employed vs. its Net Cash Flow. Whenever this is not possible we assist the company in finding a complementary strategic partner.


  • Evaluation and optimisation of business plans
  • Evaluation of company acquisitions and divestitures
  • Support in the innovation process in seeking, assessing, and initiating new businesses
  • Assessment of significant investments in plants and R&D projects / development of horizontal and technology strategies
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Feasibility studies for new products and entry into new markets

Project Examples