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Key expert 2: Senior Expert on Copyrights and related rights (minimum 560 working days)

Qualifications and skills
- A university degree (at least a Bachelor Degree or equivalent) in Law, Economics, Business Administration or Public Administration. A post-graduation in the field of intellectual Property is considered as an advantage.

General professional experience
- 10 years of general professional experience in the area of Intellectual Property Rights.

Specific professional experience
- 3 years of experience at a management level (equivalent at least to Head of Section/Head of Unit/Head of Department) in an institution (regulation and/or enforcement body) in the field of Copyrights and related rights in the EU Member States, EEA countries, Switzerland, Russia, IPA (including the former IPA countries), ENI/ENPI countries and/or Central Asia countries.
- Experience gained in implementing projects in at least 2 preferably 4 projects pertain to Copyrights and related rights.
- As an advantage, experience gained in the field of collective management and tariff negotiations of intellectual rights.