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1 Public policies

1.1 Formulation, assessment, monitoring of development/economic/sector policies
1.2 Public expenditure reviews, tracking surveys or equivalent
1.3 Growth inclusiveness and fight against inequalities
1.4 Economic empowerment of disadvantaged groups, including women and youth
1.5 Communication and awareness-raising around public policies and reforms
1.6 Growth sustainability and economic resilience

2 Macroeconomic stability

2.1 Analysis (e.g. growth, fiscal balance, balance of payment, monetary survey)
2.2 Reforms and capacity building
2.3 Macroeconomic management and fiscal rules
2.4 Debt sustainability, contingent liabilities and arrears clearance
2.5 Economic vulnerability and external shocks
2.6 Oversight and restructuring/recapitalisation of the financial sector

3 Public finance management

3.1 Assessment & diagnostic tools (e.g. Public Expenditure & Financial Accountability)
3.2 Reforms and capacity building, including in relation to public administration reforms
3.3 Public expenditure and cash management (e.g. budgeting, execution and reporting)
3.4 Public procurement
3.5 Debt management
3.6 Public sector accounting
3.7 Internal and external control/audit
3.8 Public investment/asset management
3.9 Supervision and management of state-owned enterprises or agencies
3.10 Public finance management in specific sectors and at subnational level
3.11 Budget transparency, oversight and accountability (e.g. parliament or civil society)
3.12 Anticorruption measures

4 Domestic revenue mobilisation

4.1 Assessment & diagnostic tools (e.g. Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool)
4.2 Reforms and capacity building
4.3 Tax policy and tax administration (efficiency, effectiveness, fairness and transparency)
4.4 Extractive industries revenues
4.5 International tax governance
4.6 Transfer-pricing, anti-money laundering, illicit financial flows
4.7 Customs, fiscal impact of trade policies or regional integration, export/import controls

5 Statistics and indicators

5.1 Assessment of data collection, processing, quality control, analysis and dissemination
5.2 Production of economic indicators (e.g. gross domestic product, inequality or poverty)
5.3 Production of sector-specific indicators, at national or regional/local levels
5.4 Reforms of statistical systems and capacity building
5.5 Performance measurement (e.g. indicators and targets, data verification, impact)