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Please read the profile requirements carefully. To apply for one of the available positions enter your name, your email address and upload your CV. Please upload documents in .doc, .pdf and .rtf formatting only. The CV template (EU format) can be downloaded here. If you are unsure about the project please return to the careers page.


-Master Degree, or equivalent level of education, in a related field, e.g. Public Administration, Economic Development, Business, Private Sector Development, Banking, Social science, or similar.
If an expert does not have a Master's Degree, she/he should have at least a Bachelor's degree and 24 months of experience in addition to the 10 years of general professional experience required.
- Excellent written and spoken English. At least one expert should be fluent in speaking, writing and reading Arabic.
- Excellent reporting skills and computer skills including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). The experts will be expected to be travelling with their laptops, and must be easily contactable by email while on mission.
-12 years of professional experience in the area of private sector development, microfinance, financial inclusion, access to finance, SME financing, banking or similar.
-min 4 years of professional experience related to microfinance, financial inclusion.
- Both experts must have experience working with Governments and some experience working in developing countries, preferably in the Middle East - North Africa region.
- At least one expert must have solid knowledge of, and experience in, EU budget support programmes, including experience in reviewing the disbursement tranches, monitoring and evaluation of such programmes.
- Previous working experience in the region would be an asset.
- Knowledge of the microfinance industry in Jordan would be an asset.