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Please read the profile requirements carefully. To apply for one of the available positions enter your name, your email address and upload your CV. Please upload documents in .doc, .pdf and .rtf formatting only. The CV template (EU format) can be downloaded here. If you are unsure about the project please return to the careers page.


One Category II expert is required for approximately 25 working days.
Profile per expert required:
Qualification and skills:
Education of at least a Master's degree academic level in Economics, Trade studies or related
fields or equivalent professional experience of at least 3 years in addition to the requested
general professional experience.
General experience:
A minimum of 6 years of international experience in the fields of Trade, Standards and
Private sector.
Specific required experience:
• Proven experience in the design of Capacity Development programme in public
administration, and drafting of project documents demonstrated by at least 1
assignment successfully undertaken in the areas of Trade, Standards and Private sector
over the last 6 years.
• At least 1 professional assignment undertaken in the area of Free Trade Agreements,
ideally EPAs and its implementation within the last 6 years.
• At least 1 professional assignment in the formulation of actions related to trade policy
and administrative management, trade policy regulations and trade-related adjustment
over the last 6 years.
• Experience in the development of programmes aimed at implementing actions
(including preparation of tenders and grant projects, management or evaluation of
programmes) with at least 1 experience in a developing country.
• Knowledge of African and sub-Saharan region, experience in Ghana would be an
• Proven experience in the preparation of documents, notably ToR and Action grant,
using EC templates and format.