Assistance to Moroccan companies in the transport sector

We have assisted several Moroccan companies in the transport sector to improve strategy and operations in order to increase ROI of recent investments. The objectives of the mission were to identify the problem areas where the follow-up assistance could have the highest leverage on increasing the competitiveness of the enterprise in order to adapt to the Free Trade Zone with the European Union. Among the clients was a major Moroccan road transport company active in three strategic businesses:

  • International Reefer Transportation
  • National Reefer Transportation and
  • National Transportation of Dry Goods

Under the European Union MEDA programme and co-financed by the client enterprise our firm was asked to assist one of the major Moroccan freight forwarding (22% of sales) and courier services (75% of sales) companies. We made a strategic diagnosis and developed a business plan. The main challenges of the company were to advise them on reducing costs despite the high growth rate and to be competitive in two different businesses – freight forwarding and courier services – requiring both very high investments to maintain competitiveness


Northern Africa/Middle East, ENPI


Transport & Infrastructure

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