Assistance to manufacturers in order to improve their competitive position

Assistance to 22 Slovenian manufacturers of machinery and tool equipment in order to improve their competitive position, especially in the Western European markets. Among the companies were x, specilised in the fabrication of sand blasting machines and chambers, y, specialised in mechanical equipment for automotive parts, z, fabricant of welding machines and plasma arc cutting machines, xx, specialised in the development and manufacturing of hydraulic presses for the wood and plastics industries, yy, a manufacturer of air treatment machines, zz, active in the production of machinery for the automotive industry and parts for the paper industry, q, a producer of plastic and wood working machines as well as components for lifting devices, w, specialised in hydromechanical equipment and metal-forming machine tools, e, producing building machines and components for building machinery, r, a manufacturer of components for tractors, reapers, maize-pickers and fertiliser spreaders, t, a producer of small tractors, z, producing injection moulding machinesu, a producer of tool for sheet metal working and moulds for the production of duro- and thermoplastics, i, a manufacturer of a variety of tools for the metal working and plastics processing industries.


Europe, EU


Machinery and Equipment


Direct Support to Companies, Corporate Strategy Decision Support and Restructuring, Internal Implementation and Business Upgrading, External Implementation of Corporate Strategies

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