Assistance to companies to promote products and increase exports

In co-operation with Polish Chamber of Commerce we assisted Polish companies to promote products and increase exports. Among the companies assisted have been:

  • a company producing equipment for the food industry;
  • a producer of vacuum pumps and fittings;
  • a company producing agricultural machinery (i.e. potato diggers, rollers and steel structures) as well as parts for the national automotive industry;
  • a manufacturer of equipment for professional kitchens, such as dishwashers, grills, butcher tables, electric knifes and heating modules;
  • a company producing tools for lathes, especially cemented alloy tips, carbide cutting edges, carbide tipped tools and high-speed cutting tools;
  • a company specialised in the production of welding equipment such as semi-automatic welders, welding transformers, welding rectifiers, plasma cutting machines.


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Machinery and Equipment


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