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The Business Support Fund

PC&A has been contracted by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to manage the operations of the Business Support Fund. Read more


The Jordan Upgrading and Modernisation Programme (JUMP)

PC&A’s assistance helped JUMP through the preparation of an Action Plan to upgrade the consultancy capabilities in Jordan. In addition, PC&A provided a Senior Adviser to advice and coach the CEO of JUMP in various aspects of the organisation’s set up, management, operations and leadership. Read more

Western Balkans and Turkey

The political economy of donor intervention: mapping potential for stronger synergies

Enhance efficiency in the allocation and use of official development assistance and to promote improved aid effectiveness in the Western Balkans and Turkey. Read more


Tourism Diversification and Sustainable Development Programme

PC&A completed the final evaluation of the Tourism Diversification and Sustainable Development Programme (TDSDP). Read more

ACP countries

Tunisia – Accompanying measures to the Programme to Support the Competitiveness of the Services Sector (PACS) in Tunisia through design and implementation of communication activities

PC&A contributed to improving the visibility of the Programme in Support of the Competitiveness of the Services Sector in Tunisia, targeting both public and private stakeholders especially in the healthcare sector. Read more


Update of the assessnment of relevat Public Expenditure Financial Accountability indicators

PC&A provided an update of the assessment of relevant Public Expenditure Financial Accountability (PEFA) indicators while providing an independent analysis presenting the reasons for success or failure in achieving the indicators, including identifying reasons within and beyond government control. Read more


Upgrading of 12 local packaging material suppliers to a leading Egyptian manufacturer

The project was divided into three distinct phases: technical and financial audit of each company, benchmarking/ gap analysis against best practice, and the elaboration of GAP Closure / Business Upgrading action plans for each of the suppliers. Read more


Upgrading public finance management

PC&A provided technical assistance to upgrade public finance management and budget planning development of IT systems for public expenditure. Read more


Value chain analysis

For a German group in plant engineering, we analysed the value chain of metal-forming equipment. The assignment included a comparison with most significant competitors in Europe and Japan. Read more

ACP countries

Vietnam - Formulation of the ARISE+ Project in Vietnam

PC&A assisted the EU Delegation in Vietnam to formulate the ARISE+ Program in Vietnam with a focus on its support to private sector component. Read more