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Technical assistance to the Ministry of Economy

PC&A supported the Ministry of Economy to collect, collate, analyse and report economic performance in order to underpin the economic policy-making process and to monitor the impact of the implementation of the Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy. Read more


Technical Assistance to the National Authorising Officer (NAO)

The PC&A team assisted the National Authorising Officer (NAO). Read more

South Africa

Technical assistance to the National Treasury

In order to achieve an acceptable level of quality from the collection of Local Government (Municipality and Municipal Entities) data PC&A was invited to provide technical assistance to the National Treasury by delivering a Standard Chart of Accounts specific to Local Government as well as provincial Treasury trainings and a Workshop Learners Toolkit. Read more


Technical assistance to the Privatisation Agency of Kosovo

In a 4.99 M EUR project PC&A provides technical assistance to the Privatisation Agency of Kosovo in facilitating privatisation and liquidation of socially-owned enterprises (SOEs). Read more

São Tomé e Príncipe

Technical assistance to the Project Management Unit of the PALOP II

PC&A provided technical assistance and capacity building to the Project Management Unit of the PALOP II (Países Africanos de Língua Oficial Portuguesa – Portuguese-speaking African countries) Statistics Programme with start-up activities during the roll-out phase of the 4-year programme. Read more


Technical Assistance to the Social Sector Policy Support Programme

PC&A provided support to reforms in the area of social reforms and in particular on childcare through advice on the effective implementation of the respective EU Budget Support programme. Read more


Technical Assistance to Turkish Undersecretariat of Treasury for Harmonisation with the EU Insurance Acquis

To enhance the institutional capacity of the Turkish Undersecretariat of Treasury to provide harmonisation with the EU insurance acquis, PC&A carried out a legal gap analysis identifying areas where Turkey may need to harmonise its insurance legislation (i.e. law and associated regulations) with the acquis of the EU insurance and pension directives. Read more


Technical Audit of the Works and Supervision Contracts for the “Capacity Improvement of the Kampala Northern Bypass” Project

The PC&A team conducted an assessment of the works/services carried out during the project implementation phase. Read more


Technical Audit of works and supervision contracts

This technical audit covers the road works of PADDST I financed under the 10th EDF. Read more


Technical, market and commercial assessment

On behalf of the EBRD, we performed a technical, market and commercial assessment of p, a producer of packaging materials in plastics (Polystyrene and Polypropylene). Read more